• Xiaomi Mi LED Smart Desk Lamp 1S with Google Assistant

      ৳ 4,140.00

      Key features

      • Controls made easy with the Mi home App.
      • Can control this Smart light with Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple home kit
      • The new contemporary chic smart foldable design.
      • Intuitive controls knob on the base.
      • Designed to be durable all metal casing.
      • Natural lighting for optimal comfort flicker free lighting.

      Four Different Lighting Modes

      • Focus Mode: Users can set a “focus” time and a “rest” time. The lamp will remind users to take a short “breath” for a specified time to enhance work efficiency and reduce visual fatigue.
      • Read Mode: This mode offers users a more neutral colour temperature, which helps keep readers’ attention for a long period of time without getting tired.
      • Computer Mode: The blue light from computers often damages your eyes. PC Mode is thus designed to provide a very soft light, reducing the amount of blue light to protect your eyes.
      • Child Mode: This mode meets the safety standard necessary for children’s eyes to remain healthy.

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